Hickinbotham Shiraz Cabernet: Superb

Hey, at 2.67 cents a mil you really can’t do better in this over-taxed wine market.  It’s a 91-pointer from Robert Parker so you know exactly what you will get before you cork (unscrew) it: There will be some big jammy fruit with a lingering oaky finish.  This does not disappoint in any respect.  Rather than lay it on thick I will simply say buy it by the case, lie a few down if you can!  Parker claims it will drink well until 2016 (good luck with that).  We bought a bottle, then a few more.  I think I was the only one buying it.  We took a few bottles for housewarming gifts.  This is the sort of wine that on the second sip people go, even people who don’t drink much wine, go “this is a really good wine.”  If there’s a fault it is perhaps too approachable.  But it has that smooth deep Australian je ne sais quoi which makes it tops.  Writing plaudits about this wine is a bit like blogging about a favorite restaurant: Its days may be numbered.  So it goes.

Price: $19.99 at BC liquor stores.

Market Liquidity: Buy lots.  Lots and lots. Quick.  Before Gismondi raves about it and it disappears and comes back at $23.99!

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