Month: October 2011

  • Domaine Huet Brut 2005 Vouvray Petillant

    First, let’s put aside the French label, the alienating mesh of language which puts off prospective wine buyers, let’s forget that when you learn French and you learn that brut means dry but on French sparkling wine Brut indicates sugar, and is in fact the sweetest, the drier being either Extra Brut or Brut Zero, […]

  • Cameron Hughes Lot 212 2009 Carneros Chardonnay

    Cameron Hughes gets a lot of press in BC.  Marquis has touted his skill as a negociant and there is a special CH event at Everything Wine this fall.  We’ve tried several of his wines and think there’s something “4-Hour Workweek” in the brouhaha; CH has a clever niche where they find some surplus wine, […]

  • Dão Cabriz Colheita Seleccionada, 2008

    This has a Wine Spectator “Best Value” label on the bottle.  I don’t think a good sign—but we had our hopes up and there was BBQ on the table and it apparently warranted 90 points.  What can I say?  90 points?  I give it a big Seth and Amy SNL “really?”  My mother used to […]

  • Black Hills Estate Winery Nota Bene 2007

    From the cellar: In 2009 I received a very nice birthday gift: A bottle of 2007 Nota Bene, the “noted” red blend from Black Hills Estate now owned by a consortium including 90210 alum Jason Priestly.  At the time it was selling for just under $50 and I thought, “what a wonderful birthday gift.”  I […]

  • Beringer Napa Valley Chardonnay, 2008

    On the West Coast we tend to eat a lot of fish and, more often than not, salmon.  Chardonnay and salmon are like bacon and eggs, tomato and basil, a marriage made in heaven.  Picked this up for some wild sockeye; we had a bottle in Oregon and thought it was OK.  It’s an understated […]

  • Punch in the Face Shiraz, 2008

    This wine is preposterous.  It has a silly label—yes, that picture at left really is the graphic on the front of the bottle—says “kapow” on the reverse, is a tad Fight Club and a little vintage Batman and all 100% totally over the top booze.   Sure, it’s big juicy jammy fruity spit-roasting delectable knock […]

  • Yalumba Barossa Bush Vine Grenache, 2008

    Punditry: Sambal spicey, Bobby Flay kick.  Not just pepper but spice cabinet dimensions.  Raspberry, plummy, jammy, luscious from the get go.  With food some of the fruit seemed like rhubarb, less lively, but still wonderful.  Absolutely lovely start to finish.  There is nothing not to like except, perhaps, what I thought was a rather shallow […]

  • Stags Hollow SHV Chardonnay, 2008

    Simple, lovely, palatable but nothing schmantsy.  Sometimes SH gets it totally right; their Sauv Blanc a few years ago was the best in Canada and we plowed through a case.  But sometimes they don’t.  There is (I find) an unevenness to their wines, year to year. But this chardonnay is something to have lying around […]

  • Sandhill Small Lots Cabernet Syrah 2007

    I love the Sandhill Small Lots wines.  I hate the cost of Sandhill Small Lots wines (most $30 or more).  I am therefore torn: There’s good wine for less but there’s worse wine for more.  When it comes to BC reds, there is, too, a lot of pomp, posturing and pretense.  Not with the SSL […]

  • Alkoomi Frankland River Riesling, 2005

    We picked up some 2005 Alkoomi Riesling from Liberty (as of this blog entry Alkoomi is only available at private retailers, and rarely at that).  Where has that Riesling been sitting all these years?  Surely I write (in a little jest) in a temperature controlled room with perfect humidity for the best part of a […]