Alkoomi Frankland River Riesling, 2005

We picked up some 2005 Alkoomi Riesling from Liberty (as of this blog entry Alkoomi is only available at private retailers, and rarely at that).  Where has that Riesling been sitting all these years?  Surely I write (in a little jest) in a temperature controlled room with perfect humidity for the best part of a decade…

There are some “unusual suspects” up at the Point Grey Liberty.  Sometimes I feel like I’m in grandma’s attic.  I’ve picked up whites that are “past” and recently a ten year old cru Beaujolais that was OK; it’s luck of the draw but also sort of exciting.  A few years back I raided their half bottles of Rully, one of the few affordable Burgundies in YVR which came in under $30.  I have an extra special spot for Alkoomi because I had never drunk any until I stumbled across it in Western Australia.  (I would love to wax on here about the delectable magical and mouthwatering wines of  Western Australia, about sitting on the porch at lunch at the spectacular Leeuwin Estate in virtual heaven, about how much better Cape Mentelle is to the over-hyped Cloudy Bay, but you will just have to believe me, WA is a shockingly wonderful wine destination, stop reading and book your ticket.)  A month later I raved about it back in New South Wales but they pretended to not know what I was talking about (the east-west wine rivalry in Australia has a wonderful flair…)  Anyway, we coughed up the $29.99 (about half that south of the border).  I thought it was a crap shoot but hey, I wouldn’t have had the discipline to keep it in the cellar all that time, so think of it as capital gains tax.

Fresh out of the fridge: A disappointment, too cold.  But we let it sit and it opened up beautifully.  It was one of those wines that tasted just like the tasting notes on the label (rarer than you may think).  Superlatively dry and crisp.  A golden hue, half warm a golden nectar.  We loved, loved the long chardonnay-esque finish.  And as we sipped the whole bottle every glass had a slightly different finish.  It was like the Zelig of Rieslings.

Price: $29.99 at Liberty, if they still have it.

Market Liquidity: Way out of my everyday price range so, no, I won’t recommend it.  But sometimes a change is good, and this had sentimental value.  If you’re in the mood for adventure and your 1.2% interest from ING has come in, try it.

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