Palacios Remondo La Vendimia Rioja, 2009

We did not taste the Wine Advocate’s currants or hint of wild fennel (wild fennel? really? does the WA know you don’t eat wild fennel bulbs just the greens which, in fact, taste like sweet anise?  wouldn’t a more accurate flavour note be sweet anise? geez louise…).  That said this is a great Rioja, exquisite aromas, “tastes good” as we like to say here on the no con-no-sir blog, a little lingering metallic finish not to everyone’s pleasure though.  Then we had a second glass.  All of the sudden it was “smooth, easy sipper” and every inch the WA’s 90 points.  Then we had a third glass and everything came up roses, or should I say cherry soda.  You get the picture.  I think we drank a 2009 but you know, after that third glass, we forgot to make a note, and the empty bottle went to recycling.

Pretty label.  Something at dinner guests tend to look at for some reason.  (Would it taste different without a label?)

Price: $27.99 at Everything Wine, $26.59 with the case discount.

Market Liquidity: Even with the case discount there is stiff competition in the over-priced BC market.  But if you can pick it up in the US at about $13, this is a mega-buy.

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