Sandhill Small Lots Cabernet Syrah 2007

Not the bottle we drank…

I love the Sandhill Small Lots wines.  I hate the cost of Sandhill Small Lots wines (most $30 or more).  I am therefore torn: There’s good wine for less but there’s worse wine for more.  When it comes to BC reds, there is, too, a lot of pomp, posturing and pretense.  Not with the SSL wines; they stand to be judged without the conceit that somehow, by dint of being local, we should give them a break.

Although my favorite is the Barbera, the Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah blend is a beautiful bottle.  I call the Cab/Syrah blend their “Breck” red: It’s full bodied with no loose ends.  But it’s also a touch of Apocalypse Now, deep, dark, mysterious.  Pepper, leather, vanilla.  “Raid the spice cabinet” said one sipper.  All that said, no one got the “fruitcake” or the “chocolate finish” the vintner had put on the label as a guide; that did (to us) seem pompous.  That is because we are no con-no-sirs, uncouth and unskilled!  No matter.  If you’ve got cash burning a hole in your pocket, this is spectacular with meatballs.  We recommend pork and beef.

Price: $30 at Village VQA.

Market Liquidity: A great blend that is overpriced.

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