Stags Hollow SHV Chardonnay, 2008

Simple, lovely, palatable but nothing schmantsy.  Sometimes SH gets it totally right; their Sauv Blanc a few years ago was the best in Canada and we plowed through a case.  But sometimes they don’t.  There is (I find) an unevenness to their wines, year to year. But this chardonnay is something to have lying around the house in threes and fours.

When not too much is just enough:

  • Oak: Not too much.
  • Alcohol: Not too much (13.2%)
  • Price: Not too much (under $17).

Why are people buying Ozzie plonk when there’s this wonderful local everyday white?

Price: $16.95 at Village VQA.  (And they have it in the cooler at no extra cost.  Too bad BC Liquor couldn’t do the same…)

Market Liquidity: A superb house wine / everyday white.

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