Beringer Napa Valley Chardonnay, 2008

On the West Coast we tend to eat a lot of fish and, more often than not, salmon.  Chardonnay and salmon are like bacon and eggs, tomato and basil, a marriage made in heaven.  Picked this up for some wild sockeye; we had a bottle in Oregon and thought it was OK.  It’s an understated chardonnay, inoffensive, easy to drink, hints of tropical fruits, but not quite the “richness and complexity” the label boasts.  It’s the sort of white you might get at a wedding; no one will rave, no one will send it back.  We drank it with fresh sockeye salmon, in season, off the BBQ, and it was wonderful.  No complaints.  But in Canada it’s twice as expensive as the US where we had our first bottle and, true to this blog, it tasted better cheaper.  It’s also surprising that this is the “middle” chardonnay, the Founder’s Reserve is cheaper although we’re not going to test the waters on that.

Price: For less than $15 USD this wine is a must buy (which is probably why Robert Parker called it “stunning value”).  At Everything Wine, with the case discount, $27.59.

Market Liquidity: Better Options Abound.

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