Cameron Hughes Lot 212 2009 Carneros Chardonnay

Cameron Hughes gets a lot of press in BC.  Marquis has touted his skill as a negociant and there is a special CH event at Everything Wine this fall.  We’ve tried several of his wines and think there’s something “4-Hour Workweek” in the brouhaha; CH has a clever niche where they find some surplus wine, bottle it, and get it to market at prices lower than if it came from a “name” brand.  Unlike, say, Priceline, there’s no wondering where you’ll end up: It’s right on the bottle.  This chardonnay from Carneros, Sonoma.  In BC, that’s nothing to sniff at, especially under $25.


And the wine?  It’s a pleasant, drinkable, buttery, very much in the French style.  Good for pre-dinner drinks, not a cloying chardonnay, and complementary to fish.  Not with the depth we anticipated though, at least  as the label boasted.  We did not get the “banana” or “citrus sorbet” but still loved every drop.  Went back to buy more and it had disappeared; that’s the thing about buying wine in BC—as soon as something good comes along it disappears just as quick.


Price: $22 but with the case discount less.  Sometimes at Marquis; sometimes at Everything Wine.


Market Liquidity: On special, an excellent buy for a versatile white.

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