Domaine Huet Brut 2005 Vouvray Petillant

First, let’s put aside the French label, the alienating mesh of language which puts off prospective wine buyers, let’s forget that when you learn French and you learn that brut means dry but on French sparkling wine Brut indicates sugar, and is in fact the sweetest, the drier being either Extra Brut or Brut Zero, let’s just not dwell on all that.  And it will be a rare client in YVR who knows that “petillant” means, in a nutshell, fewer bubbles in the bottle.  Let’s just put all that aside.  This is something to really enjoy, semantics be damned.

The Huet 05 Vouvray is a refined, elegant aperitif, glorious at six years.  It puts Prosecco to shame, like soda pop versus fresh squeezed juice.  There is apple, right in the fore.  There is pear, apricot too, but apple, lottsa apple.  The extremely light effervescence seems just exactly correct.  No yeast.  “Loverley” in its dryness.  At 12% alcohol, we give it the OK.  But expensive.  We were 20% through a never-ending do-it-yourself kitchen reno and decided it was time to “reward the contractor” so we justified the expense; double the cost of cheap sparkly, half the cost of the “real” thing.  Very nice compromise.

Price: $38 at Marquis.

Market Liquidity: An impressive special occasion pre-dinner quaff.

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