Sabor Real Tempranillo 2006

First, let’s address trying to source the 06 at a BC Liquor store.  Good luck.  You will probably find 08 or another vintage, even if the website states 06.  That’s the miraculous thing about our nanny-corporate-liquor overlords: They really can’t manage the most relevant database search string with any relevance to their consumer’s needs.  It’s like ordering a large sweater on J Crew only to be mailed a child’s small.  Of course, what’s unacceptable in the real world is par for the course at BCL.


OK, rant aside, this is a 90 pointer from Robert Parker at an astonishing $16.99.  He recommended buying it by the case, describing it as “fat and well-endowed on the palate.”  I will give this wine its due, it certainly has the blackberry and spicy forward fruit that Parker waxes poetic on, but for me, even with lasagna, it was just good.  The label reminded us of Golden Balls (the Bigas Lunas film with Javier Bardem and Benicio del Toro with its over-the-top emphasis on pork and masculinity), but labels can be deceiving. It did catch us off guard that this was a 90 pointer (especially when I’ve had miracle 88s).  Over the following week we had two more Parker-noteworthies, both of which we preferred.


Price: $16.99 at BCL


Market Liquidity: Take it to a party; you’ll be invited back.

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