Ribera del Duero Milagrosa Milcampos Vinas Viegas 2008

The third of three Robert Parker stars under $20 we had over a week.  91 points; the other two were 90 points.  But it underscores how ridiculous the point system is.  I am not against the point system per se, in the way Hugh Johnson has, in print, criticized its inherent irrelevance; the point system is in fact a naturally corporate way to drum up interest and sales and better to go with it than against it.  And who but the con-no-sirs sips wine after wine in an endless stream of choice, free of course, only to weigh in with a ten point system that starts in the 80s and ends in the 90s?  A movie review can point you in the right direction (unless it’s Peter Travers in Rolling Stone who seems to care more about seeing his name on ad copy than writing anything genuinely authentic about the movie experience) and the point system, at its best, can only do that too.   But, really, it’s also totally divorced from enjoyment and socializing and food and everything non-“con-no-sir” that we detest in the vino community.  And the fact that the other two bottles we drank this week, the 90 point Sabor Real (not too shabby), and the 90 point Barahonda (quite nice) were not as wonderful as the 91 point Milagrosa is patently silly.  All three would be welcome on a wine list as a house red.  Any takers fine Vancouver restaurant establishments?  (Getting a bit tired of seeing yet another bottle of Rasteau…)


At the price point, $17.99, this is a luscious, fruity, intense and rich red that was a perfect foil to red meat, and forced us to defer dessert for another glass or two.  In typical BC Liquor fashion it does not, however, show up on their database if you search tempranillo (even though it is, by the way, 100% tempranillo and has the huge TEMPRANILLO on the front of the label so that even a clown would know); rather it shows up as Wine, Table Wine, Red.  Jesus Murphy.


One note against it: It didn’t improve markedly with air, not like the other two did.  Out of the bottle it had a tannic but full flavour, which got a little metallic the longer it breathed.  Still, of the three reds this week this is our pick.  Can apparently age to 2018.  Any room in the cellar?


Price: $17.99 at BC Liquor.


Market Liquidity: Get it while you can.

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