Villa Wolf Riesling 2009

This “value” offering from the prestigious Loosen house is a very masculine riesling.  It is dry, as in dry dry, strong flavours of apple, a little citric acid touch on the finish, but solid as a rock.  My sister recommended it to me, she usually drinks red, and perhaps she liked it so much because it was a white wine in red wine clothes.  We had it one night with braised leeks in a light vinaigrette, and the next with fresh wild mushroom risotto.  It was better with the risotto, which surprised me.  (If you don’t know Louie at the Granville Island Market—Thursdays, generally, until he sells out—he has the best mushrooms in the province.)  A pleasant 11.5% alcohol.  If you expect a delicate touch in your riesling, some Fonteyn-balletic spring, this is not the wine for you.  This is a tango.


I liked it enough to source out more bottles (no mean feat in the ridiculous BC wine world, especially as this wine received a triple blow: A good review from Gismondi, a good review from Jurgen Gothe, and priced, initially, under $20.  Like a kiss of death in BC…) and I would serve it to guests, although if I had to pick I think the more delicate, diverse rieslings, like the Doctors from New Zealand, also reviewed here, are my preference.  But they may be probably less to the general taste.


Price: $20.99 at Kitsilano Wine Cellar (with the website that has been under construction since Ask Jeeves…)


Market Liquidity: When you need a woman to do a man’s job, this is the wine.

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