Mount Riley Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Stunningly Refreshing.  Green.  Green, green.  Sharp, penetrating citrus and floral notes.  Very long finish.  Poy fekt Nu Wrld Sove Blank.


This is the loud, abrasive, assertive SB I associate (lovingly) with New Zealand—and it’s a standout.  Pleasantly metallic.  If I was a chem major I would accord it the appropriate elements, what? Zn, Mg, don’t know that stuff…


We found this wine didn’t open up at room temperature the way many whites do; rather, “fridge” cold it had a zingier nearly effervescent tang and went down a treat.  So, if there’s a strike against it, this is no lingering sipper, the way so many chards and rieslings are.  But who cares?


(It shocks me that this is the first SB reviewed here as SB is our standby, but there you go.)


Price: $20 at Marquis Wine Cellars, less a generous case discount (We love Marquis.  Long live Marquis.)


Market Liquidity: Splendid.

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