Le Vieux Pin Pinot Noir Adieu 2008

I don’t like to drink this wine.  On its own I mean.  Stand alone it has an unpleasant chalky tannic quality on the palate, it just isn’t the Pinot you expect from, say, Oregon or the Northwest, it doesn’t make you want to pour another glass.  But with Food?  Ooh la la!


First tasted LVP Adieu at Jean-Georges’ Market restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel.  They have the culinary civility to have excellent and (more importantly) very diverse wine by the glass (an eloquent St. Urbans-Hof German riesling, a really pleasant kiwi Sauv Blanc from Ata Rangi…).  The LVP Adieu I had with both salmon and lamb; it worked with both, but better with the lamb.  Next day, went out and bought a case.  (As for their website, well, some improvements are due there, although their distributor was very helpful.)


With food LVP Adieu has just the right amount of cherry, a predominance of cherry to start, and then some oak, vanilla and spice.  As we ploughed through the case I experimented with different foods and found that, simply, this wine was a marriage with lamb; braised shanks, roast leg, chops, you name it.  Kudos, too, for 13.5% alcohol.


Here is the nagging detail: LBP is a bit like that kid in high school a little full of himself who you know, in the real world, is just going to be another suit-and-tie-john.  This wine sells for a few bucks more than I like to spend—and it’s not even close to their top end, but if you had the dough and lined up not the best CA, OR and BC have to offer, but some of their “better” pinot noir vintages, some of their above-average pinots, I would hazard LVP wouldn’t even be in the top ten.  If you’ve ever travelled through Oregon and sampled the wares you’ll know what I mean.  This wine is very good.  Thanks.  But it’s not the errata in Sideways, if you will.


Price: $35 from the vineyard, plus shipping, no case discount.


Market Liquidity: A glass at Jean-Georges’ Market will suffice.

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