Teira 2005 Sonoma Zinfandel

Scored a bottle of Teira 2005 Sonoma Zinfandel on sale at BC Liquor.  Which is to say, stumbled across the sale sign in the California wine section, saw that all the wine was sold out, then saw one last bottle on a different rack mis-shelved with another blend.  Which is also to say that you never know what’s on sale at the government liquor store.  Unlike, say, Kitsilano and Everything Wine, which regularly run print ads, and unlike Marquis which has weekly specials and an electronic newsletter, and unlike just about every other business in the world capitalist system that lets customers know about sales and discounts and offers, BC Liquor is too—what? faux-ethical? nanny-ish? self-absorbed? old-school? out-of-touch?, all of the above to really understand that the billions they make in profit each year (yes, that’s right, billions) come from customers.  Sales come and go, you stumble across them in individual stores, if you’re lucky.  Of course BCL will advertise widely telling you how important it is to support their stores, what an integral piece of the provincial economy they are, and how many people they employ, bla bla bla, but customer service?  Not on their radar.


OK, rant aside, this was a great find.  Retails for around $33 at Everything Wine and when it was at BCL was $28, so scoring it at $24 was vino-tacular.


Tasty?  Oh God was this easy to drink.  Unlike the Spanish reds we had last week this was the sort of wine you could spend hours at a party wandering around enjoying on its own, with snacks or food or, yes, just more on its own.  This is a no food required red.


Oak, vanilla, currant, maraschino cherry juice.  Just the right amount of “red wine bite.”  Sits on the palate perfectly, begging to be enjoyed.


Price: Gone from BCL.  But on sale was $24, reg $28.


Market Liquidity: Sip heaven.

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