Domaene Schloss Gobelsburg Grüner Veltliner 2010

Polished.  Refreshing and tangy.  For some weird reason I think if the 7 Dwarfs made home brew this would be it: Very sharp, zesty, pronounced citric acid, pleasant finish, appealing to a diverse group, nothing avant-garde.  Dry without a hint of sugar.  Eminently drinkable.  Lilke basic black with pearls.  Classy white without pretension but certainly not of the pinot gris-viognier vogue at present and maybe, in that respect, lost on some.  This is no “skinny jeans.”


Price: $19.99 at Everything Wine or BC Liquor; $18.99 at EW with the case discount.


Market Liquidity: Nice bottle to find chilled in the fridge.

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