Month: December 2011

  • Chateau Ste. Michelle Eroica Riesling 2010

    The slender neck of this traditionally shaped Riesling bottle was ringed with a card quoting a smattering of top reviews like a summer blockbuster.  But, for once, they are not hyperbole: This is one delicious Riesling.  It has a near perfect balance of sweet and dry, acid/alkaline, a smidgen of effervescence.  For our uneducated taste-buds […]

  • Langmeil Barossa Three Gardens Shiraz Grenache Mourvedre 2009

    Now this is how to blend.  This is artistry.  Open the spice cabinet.  Clove, cinnamon, plum, vanilla on the finish and long in what I can only describe as slightly unusual, not as smooth as the Robert Parker clones usually are, but just lovely.  We drank it with some extra old cheddar, not what would […]

  • Bleasdale The Library Reserve 2005

    A pleasing blend of Cab Sauv and Malbec with a little bit of Petit Verdot and Merlot.  I’d like to say this is a wonderful wine, we loved it, it’s great, but none of that would be 100 per cent true.  This is a pleasant wine, a palatable wine, damson plum jammy flavours, full on […]

  • Brokenwood Semillon 2009

    Neither grassy nor fragrant.  Sharp, acidic, cirtussy, without any dimension.  We found nothing we liked about it and it returned to the fridge with its screw cap on to, eventually, be used as stock in risotto.  Too bad.   Price: $26.99 from Everything Wine ($25.64 with the case discount)   Market Liquidity: At $27 this […]

  • Jorge Ordonez Botani Moscatel de Alejandria 2010

    People don’t drink enough dry muscat in North America.  I don’t know whether that’s because it doesn’t fit the archetype of what we’ve come to expect in a dry white, there isn’t enough available, or there is some vast vino conspiracy at work.  Maybe all three?   This wine is superb from start to finish, […]

  • Boutari Moschofilero 2009

    After sampling a rather strikingly good glass of Greek white at Jean-Georges’ Market restaurant in Vancouver, and then after failing to source it at any public or private liquor store, I thought perhaps it was time to give Greece a second chance.  The country is, it seems, in need of a little economic oomph.  And […]

  • Staete Landt Map Maker Sauvignon Blanc 2010

    From the text on the label you might think it’s a South African white, but it is in fact just one more astonishing sauv bl from Marlborough.  Is there anything more bracing than a NZ sauv bl?  Can the region do no wrong?  [Insert several tongue-drooping emoticons.] There is a gorgeous nose, deeply fragrant, with […]