Staete Landt Map Maker Sauvignon Blanc 2010

From the text on the label you might think it’s a South African white, but it is in fact just one more astonishing sauv bl from Marlborough.  Is there anything more bracing than a NZ sauv bl?  Can the region do no wrong?  [Insert several tongue-drooping emoticons.]

There is a gorgeous nose, deeply fragrant, with flavours of straw, green, some floral notes, very generous finish, beautifully complementary to vegetarian mains and fish.  We finished it in a flash.  Anything negative?  We found it a touch too acid.  For the price?  Sensational.  New Zealand comes through once again.

Price: $19.99 at Everything Wine; $18.99 with the case discount.

Market Liquidity: This swell sells for the price of a barely drinkable bottom of the barrel BC white; you do the math.

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