Boutari Moschofilero 2009

After sampling a rather strikingly good glass of Greek white at Jean-Georges’ Market restaurant in Vancouver, and then after failing to source it at any public or private liquor store, I thought perhaps it was time to give Greece a second chance.  The country is, it seems, in need of a little economic oomph.  And open-mindedness is a theme of our wine choices here.


This Boutari Moschofilero (AKA and what I’ve always seen written as moscophilero) is sharp, crisp, clean, but not loaded with either flavour of depth.  Imagine sauvignon blanc without the green or semillon without the gun-metal flint.  It just seemed bare.  Probably perfect with calamari, or something a little greasy that needs an acid wash, but we drank it with a vegetarian dinner of roast squash, beet salad, greens and cheese, and it went down OK but without flash.  A praise-deserving 11.5% alcohol content.


Price: $15.99 at Everything Wine ($15.19 with the case discount).


Market Liquidity: A good pick on a Chinese restaurant’s menu should it ever be on one, no repeats for us.

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