Jorge Ordonez Botani Moscatel de Alejandria 2010

People don’t drink enough dry muscat in North America.  I don’t know whether that’s because it doesn’t fit the archetype of what we’ve come to expect in a dry white, there isn’t enough available, or there is some vast vino conspiracy at work.  Maybe all three?


This wine is superb from start to finish, and the finish was wonderful too.  It’s fruity, with citrus, floral notes and a full flavour that’s hard to come by in whites in our “everyday price range.”  It worked well with fish, with vegetarian tapas, with lentil soup, hard cheese (aged gouda) and even, of all things, a green salad.  It disappeared fast.  A pleasing 12.5 per cent alcohol; too bad about the cork.  It’s also the sort of wine that might catch the average drinker off guard—you think it will be sweet but it’s not, and I’m not sure I’d serve it to guests.  All the better!  Screw the vitamin D; open a bottle of Botani on a cold winter’s day and you will get a burst of the tropics.  Comes from, unbelievably (or unpredictably) Spain.  Next thing you know we’ll be raving about Portuguese whites…


Price: $24.99 at Everything Wine ($23.74 with the case discount) or BC Liquor full price.


Market Liquidity: A 750 ml cure for seasonal affective disorder.

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