Chateau Ste. Michelle Eroica Riesling 2010

The slender neck of this traditionally shaped Riesling bottle was ringed with a card quoting a smattering of top reviews like a summer blockbuster.  But, for once, they are not hyperbole: This is one delicious Riesling.  It has a near perfect balance of sweet and dry, acid/alkaline, a smidgen of effervescence.  For our uneducated taste-buds we got a flavour of many orchard fruits, apricot, peach, melon, maybe honey, but the reviewers apparently found lime and minerality, and that just didn’t jibe with our experience.  Not a matter: Round and wonderful on the palate and so incredibly versatile with food we had to test it out with three separate meals.  But, alas, it’s one pricey bottle, and it didn’t wow our wallet as much as it suited our dinner table.


Price: $29.99 from BC Liquor, who don’t know the meaning of case discount.


Market Liquidity: Impressive on the palate, impassive on the pocketbook.

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