Sandhill Small Lots “One”

Three of us drank this with a prime rib dinner and none of us liked it.  The wine that is; the dinner was superb.  The One we all found it over the top, forceful, trying too hard to be too many things to too few people.  It was as if they had focus-grouped this wine to death, adding all the elements of a Wine Spectator 90 pointer, a Wine Advocate 90 pointer, an Anthony Gismondi 90 pointer, etc., etc., tweaking the blend so many times, so much, as to losing focus altogether.  Oh sure, it was rich, ripe, fruity, oaky, but such a mish mash and so mixed up as to be irritating not harmonious.  Afterwards we opened a bottle of Piper Heidseck and everyone calmed down.  (Which sells in the US, I might add, for just a few bucks more than the One.)

This wine brought to mind the Simpsons O Brother Where Art Thou episode where Homer, upon discovering he has a half-brother who owns a car manufacturing plant, designs a car with “everything.”  It turns out to cost $80k and is a disaster.

As you can see from various previous posts we a) lean toward a good blend, b) love love love the Small Lots Barbera and c) are more than partial to the Small Lots cab sauv syrah.  But our experience with the One will put us off ever trying the Two or Three.  And at $35 we really felt on the hook.

Having said all that, this wine is awash in accolades and respect, so far be it from me to say this won’t impress when you need to be, obviously, trying to impress.

Price: $35 at various outlets.

Market Liquidity: Like a Lamborghini.  Like a Lamborghini Cheetah.

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