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January 10, 2012

Morandé Reserva Sauvignon Blanc 2010

93 points from Wine and Spirits.  Huh.  After tasting how much wine?  Slow day on the abacus?


First, sauv blanc is our go-to white and we love it, even (sometimes) cheap crap and even (sometimes) hugely overpriced OK sb (witness the nine pounds sterling for a decent glass at the Covent Garden opera…).  A week does’nt seem to go by without at least a glass, at home or out.  New world, old world, local, international.


The Mornadé is OK, I guess.  Comparable to dozens of other SB’s on the market.  There is nothing terribly unique or memorable; in fact, we found it a touch too acid.  It proved a good foil for Greek fish (baked tilapia with fresh dill, tomato, shallots, feta and lemon) but not a satisfying pre-dinner sipper.


Price: $19.99 from Everything Wine ($18.99 with the case discount)


Market Liquidity: Easy come, easy go.