Bodegas Alto Almanzora Este Monastrell Tempranillo Syrah Garnacha, 2009

Este is a bit of an American Idol “out in the Hollywood round” red.  I think I would imagine, back in the day, Paula fawning over it and loving its sincerity, Randy praising its versatility as a blend but not finding it unique or idol-worthy and Simon calling it a pretender, like any old red in any old wine bar.  Sure it hits the notes, but this is no Spanish Tenor.  There is a bit of truth to each and, yes, this is just a table wine, but wouldn’t it be great if all table wines were this good?  Este is like an old dependable friend, and sometimes you don’t need the latest thing, sometimes you hear an old Tom Petty track in a bar or Bobbie Gentry in an elevator and there’s no need to worry about Bordeaux futures.


Hard to find in YVR, but when I do I usually buy it by the six.  It tastes better the next day even if I forget to “suction-cork” it, goes with virtually anything we cook up, and has yet to disappoint.  You can’t go wrong at the price.


Price: $21.99 at Everything Wine, $20.89 with the case discount.


Market Liquidity: It’s a yes.

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