Haras de Pirque Equus Chardonnay, 2008

A very pleasant chardonnay.  Which I write with a touch of condescension.

Imagine a science fair event: Take an inexpensive not-very-palatable chardonnay as a constant.  Let’s arbitrarily call the constant Lynn Deeman.  And let’s say someone was able to chemically alter the constant to make something more palatable.  Something drinkable and very much like a better wine but still not a better wine as such.  Presto: Equus.  (Peter Schaffer’s favourite quaff?)  I would score it high on the skill but low on the presentation: A stinking 14.8 per cent alcohol.  Cripes, whatever happened to 12 per cent white wine?

So, very pleasant, “periodic” moments of OK drinking, but nothing to warrant a letter to Scientific American.

Price: $19.99 at Everything Wine, $18.99 with the case discount

Market Liquidity: One bottle can’t be alkynes to all people…

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