L’Ecole No 1 Chenin Blanc 2010

I defy someone not to like this wine.  It would be like finding Will Rogers abrasive or Queen Elizabeth vulgar.  Sure, chenin isn’t to everyone’s taste, but neither is tap water: You should still give it a go before you make the decision.  I would also like to line up a panel of experts and blind test them on a selection of Loire whites and have them guess which one is L’Ecole.  This is one wonderful Pacific Northwest white.


Apart from a little too much acid for our liking, and perhaps not being quite as magisterial as, say, a classic Huet Vouvray, this is a delectable white, with depth, character, lovely fruit, and a long finish.  It was super easy to drink, alone or with food, and it lasted no time.


Price: $17 USD in Washington, but I haven’t been able to source it locally (L’Ecole’s reds go for $50+ at private YVR wine stores though).


Market Liquidity: Very classy.

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