Jim Barry “The Cover Drive” Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonawarra, 2008

I can wax on about this red but first: This is not the deep dark majestic layered mysterious cab sauvs you read about in the vino press which dominate Bordeaux blends and for which you imagine (imagine being the key word) having a cellar full of maturing 05’s at your disposal.  In fact, this cab sauv doesn’t have any of that sharp bell pepper flavour so common in the varietal.  To the layperson, to the schlep who just likes wine, this is a delicious, fruity, soft yet hearty red that can hardly be faulted given the price point.


We’ve had it with roast, with braised short ribs, and just plain on its own, each time wonderful.  The first glass is good, the last glass is good, and it’s not markedly better decanted as opposed to straight from the bottle.  A great social wine, worth having two bottles on the table at dinner.  Berries and cherries dominate, I got some vanilla but no one else did.  An all around winner.


Price: In BC, the liquor store sells it for $28.99.  If you buy it at Everything Wine, as part of a case, you can get it for $27.50 on the discount.  If you buy it in Washington, depending on where, you will pay between $17.99 and $19.99 USD a bottle.


Market Liquidity: I have been known to pay the $29 because it’s dependable and worth sharing but under $20 a bottle this is a no brainer.

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