Nichol Vineyard Syrah, 2009

A most fine BC red.  That said, a little bit much on the descriptive label: “Discover dark cherry, plum, smoky black pepper, blackberry and ripe plum.”  Plum, yes, we got it.  We didn’t get plum, unripe plum and then ripe plum, or any variation on multiple plums.

Honestly though, it was a lovely peppery, plummy, red.  Wonderful nuance on the palate.  But this is what’s not on the label: The Nichol Syrah needs air.  The first bottle we tried at a dinner party before Christmas.  I poured this while we were having appetizers and it sat for a good 25 minutes and went with pot roast a treat.  The next bottle, at home (which I sourced at a private store), I poured a glass and was taken aback: chalky and bitter.  I pulled out the old aerator and poured a second glass: magic.  So aerating or decanting yes; with so much apparent thought on the label they might as well recommend the extra step…

At the price point, however, it’s one more example of how the best BC wines, almost always over $30, are hard pressed to justify that price when compared with much better wines from Chile, NZ, SA and Aus under $30.  And I mean well under $30.  I would drink this again in a flash, and might even buy it, but I don’t throw $30 at a bottle with aplomb, plum be damned.

Price: $35 at private liquor stores.

Market Liquidity: Are you kidding me?  Look: If you must spend your money then you must buy this.

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