L’Ecole No 41 Semillon

I am waiting for L’Ecole to let me down.  One day we’ll argue, I know we will, but if I can get this fling with this virtuoso vineyard  to last I will.


First, Plenty of Fish/Facebook/MySpace/e-Harmony/friend me someone to drink semillon with.  What’s that?  Don’t like that “tongue down the barrel of a shotgun” minerality?  No surprise.  I’ve been drinking semillon alone for years and years (dry, the Aussie Hunter Valley sort, not the Sauternes sort, but that is superb too and for a different post).  Good luck in finding a sommelier who stocks a decent bottle.  Can’t some Silicon Valley whiz-kid develop an algorithm to find one person left in the world who likes dry semillon?  It does feel a bit like Moses in the wilderness, albeit without any followers.


Enough said.  This is great.  Just great.  (And I forgot to write down the year!  2009 I think.  It was just too enjoyable to get the details.) A little sauv blanc softens the harshness, there is hugely satisfying wonderful lip smacking luscious semillon depth, lime and lemon and a steely smoothness that lingers on the palate, and I have no complaints about this flavourful white.  Would I serve it to guests?  No.  There’s no algorithm for an adventurous palate.  But I’ll store it up and see what happens.  (I kept a bottle of Voyager Estate semillon for ten years in the “cellar” and it opened up in a superlative breathtaking array of soft flavour as if buried treasure.  No longer available at BC Liquor.  No surprise.)


Price: $15.99 in Washington; I have yet to source it in BC.


Market Liquidity: Marry me L’Ecole.

6 Responses to “L’Ecole No 41 Semillon”

  1. I bought a bottle of the 2008 at Legacy Liquor Store on the weekend. It’s still showing beautifully. Must get my hands on the 2009 next.


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