Domaine Fouassier les Chasseignes Sancerre, 2009

Blurb at the wine store said “90 points Wine Spectator: Ripe and focused, with good cut to the straw, gooseberry and flint notes, followed by a long, defined finish.  Very solid.”  I would add “a touch steely,” not just a few flint notes.  But not brash.  Oh, and impeccably wonderful.


This was a much needed break from (equally good but totally different) new world SB to that sweet, honey, floral typified by Sancerre—straddling both masculine and feminine sides, something a NZ SB would be hard pressed to do.


Metallic on first blush, resist a second sip.  There is a whole series of flavours that develop on the palate.  It has what I can only describe as an “Alsace finish” by which I mean like so many brilliant Alsace whites it has a finish which comes on slow and lingers, pear, apple, clover honey.  Words aren’t required.  Only one: Superb.


Price: Regularly $34.99 was on sale at Kitsilano Wine Cellar (the web site that never will be…) for $28.99


Market Liquidity: Even on sale it’s a fair bit of dough but, oh my, life is too short to save for retirement.

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