Ridge California Sonoma County Three Valleys, 2009

For Valentine’s we had some exceptional grass fed rare filet mignon with David Rocco’s baked potatoes, squash on the side, green salad and a bottle of Ridge.  Were you expecting a bad review?  Not on my watch…


Even for a nobody in the wine world I know enough that disparaging Ridge is sacrilegious.  I’ve been told the wine mafia puts a hit out. [insert joke emoticon]


So: Three Valleys.  Truthfully, it’s not the best bottle you can get from Ridge.  But while it’s not their finest hour it’s good.  Damn good.  Has the qualities of a good zin and very smooth on the palate but not as “steep” or awe-inspiring as some of Ridge’s heavier hitters.  Fruit and oak but not overkill, easy tannins.  No majestic cab sauv but still, it stood up to our steaks with panache.  Another glass please.


Price: Gifted.  Couldn’t source in BC as a reference, saw it in Washington for $24 but apparently can be obtained in the US for as little as $16 which, frankly, would make it a phenomenal must have buy.  Ridge in BC is rarely under $40.


Market Liquidity: When the Occupy movement moves to Ridge count me in.

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