Tyrrell’s Single Vineyard Stevens Hunter Shiraz, 2009

When I lived in Australia in the 80s I spent a fair bit of time in the Hunter and have an affinity for the wines as well as the geography.  But that was then; today, the wines of other regions, nowhere more than Western Australia, hold my interest.  But sentimentality often draws me back.  On a whim I tossed a few bucks at what I was hoping would be a highlight wine.

The Stevens turned out be be much lighter than expected, Pinot-ish in fact.  It has a long a pleasant finish dominated by cherry and berries.  But we found it lacking (pepper? leather? smoke? spice?) what you’d normally expect in a fine Oz Shiraz.  Although aged in French oak it was not a distraction; present, not omnipresent.  A bit of tartness where the trend is usually to less acidity.

Unique, pleasing, food and “wine alone” friendly, although a tad perfume-y for our tastes.  My one hesitation is the egregious price: $44.95!  Sure we scored it on sale but still.  Good is not good enough at that price point.  Geez, we’re not hedge fund magnates…

Price: $31.95 “on sale” at BC Liquor; regularly priced $44.95.

Market Liquidity: Close, but no cigar.

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