Greg Norman Limestone Coast Shiraz, 2007

There is nothing wrong with this wine; we just didn’t like it much.  I was told upon purchase that it was a star over at the Wine Spectator.  So goes the subjective world of vini-everything.


I’ve drunk a number of Norman’s wines over the years and have never been terribly disappointed so much as just not impressed.  In BC they sell at a premium price point too.  The 07 GN Shiraz has the bouquet of a classic Shiraz but, as one person put it, tasted shallow.  For the price it is completely lacking the depth and layers of its many Oz alternatives.  And, unfortunately, a lot of chalk on the finish (or, to borrow from the label, not so supple tannins).  Went OK with a BBQ dinner but was quickly corked.


Price: $24.99 sale priced at BC Liquor.


Market Liquidity: Probably someone else’s go to red.

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