Katnook Founder’s Block Coonawarra Shiraz, 2008

There’s a little bit of Victor/Victoria in every good shiraz, right side feminine, left side masculine, and that tug-of-war on the palate is part of the huge appeal, but I have to say this one seems 100% drag to me, no yin-yang.  It is fruit driven to distraction, unmistakable shiraz, a big peppery spicy finish, but without that tacit balance common in the Aussie powerhouses.  As anyone who has read any postings on this blog will know, we are programmed, predestined in fact, to like a boisterous red under $20 CDN and for that reason we liked the Katnook.  And it wasn’t hard to get down.  But if I was making a choice, I’d take the Hickinbotham any time.


Price: $19.99 at BC Liquor.


Market Liquidity: Too much “Fancy That” and not enough “Tom Boy.”

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