Ghost Pines Merlot, 2009

I guess ever since Miles in Sideways declaimed Merlot over sex with a hot chick it’s been pretty much relegated to the con-no-sir dustbin.  Good, all the more Ghost Pines for me.  (I will also take the supposed glut of Pomerol and St. Emilion which the wine press has presumed was a post-Sideways effect but which I never noted in BC.)


Really truly lovely for a Louis Martini / Gallo product.  Not a Wine Advocate adjective filled mystery or worth a treaty on viniculture.  Approachable, rich, tasty, satisfying, excellent for anyone afraid of a few tannins.  Pretty much what you want in a decent red wine when you have decent food and good friends to share it with and the wine doesn’t have to be a star.  I’ll leave the thesaurus out on this one except that it’s red, it’s wine, and it’s good.


Price: Not too expensive in other provinces (under $25), not available in BC.


Market Liquidity: Open two, one won’t suffice.

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