Nichol Cabernet Franc, 2008

A gorgeous Cabernet Franc that comes together with exceptional balance—spice, tannins, fruit.  The 08 is getting hard to find I’m told.  I could drink it by the case.  We had it with a cassoulet and it worked wonders but I think something with less kick than andouille sausage would be a more adept pairing.  A lot of flavour to savour on the flavour profile: The sort of flavour profile so many descriptive labels promise but don’t deliver.  Really can’t fault this gentle red.  For all the attractiveness of the wine it was, surprisingly, quite weak on the nose.  A long, leather finish.  Very long and worth pondering.  It reminded me of a fine Chinon we used to serve as our house red in a French restaurant in South Kensington, London (yes, that’s right, our house red was Chinon.  Hard to believe when you live in BC but it was true…).  And this CF, well hard to beat, unfortunately just out of our everyday price range.


Price: Gifted (nice dinner guest!  come back any time!); sourced at Legacy Liquor for $33.75 or $30 from the vineyard, before shipping.


Market Liquidity: Some good things come at a cost.

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  1. […] An imperfect red blend that drinks perfectly.  Sharp, tart, chalky, acid, leathery, smoky, and a lovely lingering cherry oak finish.  Quite sensational in its own quirky way, like a favorite t-shirt with a few frays and stains, and not quite as refined as you would expect at this price point.  We love Nichol, when our pocket book allows, and this was good, although not quite up to some of their varietals; see our links here and here. […]

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