Nichol Gewurztraminer, 2010

Lauded two fine Nichol wines, the Cabernet Franc here and Syrah here.  Except for reservations about the steep price they were exceptional, we loved every drop.  If I had the cash I would keep them by the case.  Too bad I can’t say the same thing about the gewrurz.  I think the first signal came in Libations Liquor when I asked the manager about the wine and his response was “it’s a very good gewürztraminer.”  Seriously, that’s what he said, in total.  Not even something just as generic but a little more qualitative such as “unlike the gewurtz you get from Alsace, this is more New World” or “very nice, although a little young and sharp” or a million other positive but realistic comments.


OK, Nichol is pretty flat on this one.  It’s not memorable, it’s 150 per cent not Pierre Sparr which, I might add, sells for less, didn’t sip with much finesse, fruit was suppressed, was not particularly food friendly—only mediocre with Vij’s curry chicken (home made, not the freezer stuff) when it should have been flash, and never warmed to a floral nose you expect in the varietal.  For us this was a big no go.


Price: $23.99


Market Liquidity: Shocking letdown.

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