Ridge California Lytton Springs, 2006

From the cellar: Sometime in 2008 I used a gift card to purchase, for $49.99, a bottle of Ridge.  Sitting pretty.


I don’t think I’ve ever read a wine review which remarked on a red wine having an undertone of butter, but there is a soft, sweet, uncultured butter note in this wonderful blend.  Very pleasing soft finish, but not as impressive as it is on the palate.  Not a bad sipper but much better with food.  Worked with cheese and then was superb with a poached chicken breast (thyme, parsley, and half a bottle of Cameron Hughes Lot 212 2009 chardonnay) and steamed chard salad.  Ooh la la, the way wine was meant to be.


Complex but not complicated.  Vanilla, strawberry, rhubarb, some licorice on the nose.  Loved it, although I had higher expectations, especially given the price and the time in the cellar.  Also, not crazy about 14.7 per cent alcohol, but it seems to be par for the California wine course.  It apparently scored higher with the con-no-sir crowd than I might have scored it if scoring was my thing but it was still a remarkable red.  Too bad I could only afford one…


Price: $49.99 at BC Liquor (in 2008).


Market Liquidity: Love, like a good friend, but not true love.

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