Chateau St. Michelle Canoe Ridge Estate Chardonnay, 2008

Too dumb to get this wine.  Just a poor old sap.  In fact it confused me.  It was like the geometry section on my GREs.  I will leave it to the con-no-sirs who have lauded it with plaudits.  Not one for our palates.  For us it was half typical chardonnay, wonderfully sharp balanced with smoothness, sweet and acid, and half Retsina, really just plain undrinkable unless you’re on a beach in Crete.  So on the one hand magnificent, I loved it, but that moment lapsed.  Then, on the other hand it had an unusual finish, a strange nose, and was unpleasant, even to one “sour”.  Both good and bad at once.  Very hard to explain.  Think Rocky.


Keeping in mind this is the same vineyard that makes the spectacular Eroica, reviewed here, it pains me to write how disappointed we were.


Price: Gifted.  No idea.  But in BC their basic chardonnay goes for $19.99 so I would imagine this at $25-35.


Market Liquidity: Conflicted.

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