Ned Waihopai Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, 2011

This was the only wine we had on hand for a last minute dinner of scrambled eggs and sautéed kale.  Although I’d never recommend an SB with eggs it worked (oddly) really well, surprisingly well, due in no small part to the fruit.  Gismondi reviewed this as having a bit more fruit than the last vintage but I would review it as being too fruit forward, a lot of apple, tropical fruit notes and some sweet berries (wine writers write gooseberry but I doubt I could readily identify a gooseberry…).  In fact, for my taste, it is missing some of that green herbaceous twang which is a hallmark of NZ SBs.  It’s still excellent value and at the price great to have on hand (you never know when you’ll need a bottle!) but I would be more inclined at the under $20 mark to go with the Map Maker or Brancott.

Price: $15.99 at BC Liquor

Market Liquidity: Makes a nice change.

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