La Frenz Montage, 2008

From the cellar: A few years ago I bought a case from La Frenz.  Well, that was the end result.  First, I had a glass of their (exceptional) chardonnay at the Pointe restaurant at the Wickanninish Inn in Tofino.  I then went to my favourite independent wine store which just sells BC wine and they told me tersely that they only sold VQA wines which is both insulting to the customer and to the many diverse and wonderful wines not VQA.  So I went online and ordered non-VQA wine.  And, without any issue, drank a case of La Frenz wine…


Somehow the Montage never made it out of “the cellar” and I pulled it out last weekend at random.  It deserves two reviews.


First, fresh from the bottle it was magnificent.  Delicious.  Very generous fruit, soft and (I hate this descriptive with wine, but it was truly) supple.  Vanilla.  Nominal tannins.  Long finish.  Gorgeous.  Honestly, it was exciting finding a wine this good sitting around in my wine “cellar” just waiting to be enjoyed.  It put the reds in my case from Le Vieux Pin to shame.  Then, after a glass and a half we served it with dinner.


Second review: It was not nearly as food friendly as it was on its own.  All of the sudden it became a very simple wine, one-dimensional, acidic, and strikingly food non-complementary (with a very straightforward, basic, and wine versatile meal of chicken, vegetables and salad).


The “con-no-sir” wine press rarely reviews wine in this way, as though wine could never be spectacular one way and not another, but as wine is (for us) mainly something to accompany food we find this all the time, extremely common in fact—a pre-dinner drink and our concept of the wine differs greatly from a glass of the same bottle with dinner.  It just shocked me how great the difference was with this particular wine.


Price: I have no idea; forgot to record it.  I imagine around $22 plus shipping.


Market Liquidity: Good, but no cigar.

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