Frei Brothers Russian River Chardonnay, 2009

The type of California chardonnay that people with a preconceived notion of chardonnay think they’ll get when they buy a Californian chardonnay.  Which is both a compliment and, for some, reason to choose another bottle.  It also seems to be what the myriad chardonnays distributed by Gallo aim for.


We drank it with a cheese soufflé (Tillamook two year old white cheddar with some Spanish smoky paprika), fresh asparagus and a field greens salad.  If it was for guests I would certainly not have chosen a chardonnay but it was a Tuesday night and you know how these things go.  Worked a treat, although a tad heavy and more powerful than the wine needed to be.  Hugely satisfying still.


Pear and peach and vanilla dominate.  Appealing crispness.  And it won’t break the bank.


Price: $16.99 USD, no longer available in BC (was until, I think, 2006).


Market Liquidity: Nothing left to cork.

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