M Chapoutier Les Meysonniers Crozes-Hermitage, 2008

From the cellar: The mystery syrah: Don’t know when I bought it, where, how much it cost, all I know is it made its way into the cellar and we pulled it out, decanted, and drank it last weekend.

Remarkably and distinctly and unmistakably French, like drinking syrah in a French restaurant.  No heft but with a generous flavour.  Pale colour, very peppery, light wine with a dark fruit taste (a little like the dark coloured Jelly Tots which were, I suppose, a facsimile of black currant).  Not deep or mysterious and a touch too thin on the finish.  But we thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was like having a favourite dish you haven’t eaten in a long time.  And, of course, this sort of wine is way out of my everyday price range, so it was a treat.

Oh, worth noting: 13 per cent alcohol.  H0w perfect.  Note to California: It can be done, brilliant wines under 14 per cent.

Price: I’m sure it was a splurge; wish I knew.

Market Liquidity: A pleasing departure from Australian heavyweights.

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