Clos du Soleil Fumé Blanc, 2010

Full disclosure: I bought this wine because of excellent reviews.  Or, wait, that’s not entirely true.  Lots of wine gets good reviews and it doesn’t faze me.  Witness Cloudy Bay; good wines for years with not too much fanfare then LVMH takes over and all of a sudden every vintage is 92 points.  (And what about Cape Mentelle?  Our liquor board, in all its wisdom, discontinued what I always considered was one of the finest bottles from Western Oz…)  No, I bought the CdS FB because not only does it get consistently good reviews it sells out.  As in you can’t get it, period.

And, thus, my friends, is what you find in BC: Not bad wines, pretty good wines, better than average wines generate buzz and hoopla and people with too much cash pay top dollar for wines that, were they made in, say, New Zealand or Chile or Australia, would not be much buzzed about at all.

The CdS FB is good, no avoiding that.  I can’t say too much more than that.  (Great label? Yes, I could say that.)  It’s not brilliant.  It’s acid, steely, highly, highly reminiscent of the gun metal of Semillon, it has citrus and some strong notes of strawberry.  That’s right, strawberry: But our flavour profile was markedly different than the reviews we read in the press though.  Most telling however was that we got no “smoke” or oak as you get in fume blanc, which in fact defines fume blanc, and that was a little perverse for, yes, a fume blanc.

Was it drinkable?  It was lovely, a wonderful late spring sipper.  Was it worth the price, or the hassle to get it?  Not for a second.

Price: Well good luck finding any, but we got the last three bottles at Legacy for $28.75 a pop.

Market Liquidity: This is a $19 bottle of wine masquerading as something better.

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