Merryvale Starmont Chardonnay, 2009

I just like this wine and it’s just one of those wines I just like to drink.  It is not perfect, that’s apparent from the get go, it’s not exceptional or as multi-dimensional as the uber-descriptive reviews would have you believe.  But it’s very good, hugely satisfying, more appley, buttery, hearty than peach or citrus or steel.  And from a green-certified vineyard to boot.  It is, however, too much money in Canada, and I can’t recommend it based solely on the idea that it’s $30 (yikes! guess we gotta pay for all that “free” health care…).  But when you go south for a picnic or want a decent white when visiting the States it’s under $20 at most outlets south of the border, easy to find, and then I think of it as spectacular value at that price point.  (We are fully aware that this discriminatory practice of liking wine based on price is totally at odds with the wine reviewing establishment but we stick by our principles! [insert winking emoticon])


Price: $29.99 at BC Liquor, around $18.99 USD in Washington.


Market Liquidity: Nice work if you can get it (under $20).

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