Grand Vin du Chateau Bernadotte, Haut-Medoc, 2005

From the cellar: Pulled, at random, another 05 Bordeaux purchase from the old cellar last weekend.  It was probably a huge disservice to the French that we served it with pizza (but it was homemade pizza, Jim Lahey‘s My Bread homemade pizza dough recipe with some of the exceptional cured chorizo they hawk down at Oyama at Granville Island, fresh basil, boconcini and our “in house” tomato sauce).  While most wines pale against tomatoes this was big and hearty and up to the challenge.  On first blush it reminded us of the old Campbell’s Soups “Manhandler” commercials:

Who can handle a thirsty man?  This Haut-Medoc can…


A spicy bite, some intriguing cassis/currant flavours, but a very weak finish, nothing lingering or remarkable.  Fuller with food than sipping, and a note of vanilla against dinner, but also a very forward alcoholic note, clinical or medicinal.


In a very old school style there was an unmistakable “bouquet”; nothing New World about that and, for us, just a tad too floral.  We corked a third and it was better the second night but while we found it unique and refreshing from the (sometimes) oppressive oaky California reds, it was also a little bit of a letdown, something thin and unmemorable especially given the anticipation.


Price: No idea.  Was there any cheap Bordeaux from that vintage?


Market Liquidity: Too much novelty, not enough heart.

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