Domaine Carneros by Taittinger, 2006

Mamma Mia! La bella Brut.


I say this Brut is the best damn prosecco you’ve ever tasted, an exceptionally good California sparkling, or just OK bubbly. No matter how you cut it, I would buy this pear-tinged well balanced sparkling by the case. Did not and could not maintain its sparkle however and from the first pour belied itself as a contender. However, it was phenomenally rich and elegant and drank like a dream, no dry pasty overtones or too-sweet carbonation.


Price: We picked it up for $17.99 at Pete’s in Seattle (the best wine store on the West Coast, which I write with no vested interest but only as a loyal customer) en route for an Oregon vac, and loving it so much then sourced it back home in Vancouver for, wait for it, $66. Seriously!!! So it was a short-lived luv affair…


Market Liquidity: Americans enjoy a privileged existence…

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