Torre dei Beati Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 2009

So after we got through the Pithos Bianco (reviewed here) we ordered a bottle of montepulciano which wasn’t that expensive and which we just wanted for some pizza and braised pork dishes we were sharing.  There is in BC a lot of cheap montepulciano and it can be hit and miss; not something I usually test the waters on.  But the waitress recommended it based on our orders.

Was it heaven on earth?  No.  Was it perfect with casual food and friends?  Absolutely.  Extremely food friendly.  Sort of an Italian take on Merlot-for-Dummies, super easy to drink, smooth and likable on the first sip.  Not a lot of dimension and hard to discern the deep flavours concordant with the deep colour but what a pleasing simple wine for easy going restaurant fare.  If wine is as much context as viniculture then this bottle was just as good as if we’d gone with the big guns.

Price: $29 USD in a Portland, Oregon restaurant.

Market Liquidity: Like a horse and carriage

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