Cristom Pinot Gris, 2009

The PG vogue (which has permeated it seems every social function on the planet) has been gently mocked by 30 Rock, where it’s been Liz Lemon’s go-to quaff (or, simply, white wine with ice and sprite).  In other words, flat and tasteless, yet a marked preference over SB or chard.  But although there’s plenty of dross there’s some finer PG too (just, unfortunately it seems, a much higher percentage of dross and I noticed looking at the archive on our blog we have never found a PG worth posting a review about).


We shared a couple bottles of Cristom PG while eating Greek in Portland’s Pearl recently.  Before dinner it had floral notes and some pear flavour, as lively as some mediocre Viogniers, but was more citrus with food and a little less full flavoured with vegetarian and fish mains.  Still, for all of us a pleasant PG that had a little more character than the usual BC versions but still not star quality; would definitely order it again—and, indeed, it wasn’t hard for us to get two bottles down.


Price: $28 USD in a restaurant.


Market Liquidity: Decent but not delectable.

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