Valle Las Acequias Malbec, 2007

Came with a collar proclaiming the enviable Robert Parker “over 90 points” benchmark.  Yes, a 91 point wine under $30 in British Columbia; shocking but true.  Well, I have to give the chairman his due: This is one easy to drink and a lovable Malbec.  Smooth and fluid and rich and delectable.  Not much to complain about except, once or twice, wasn’t sure I was actually drinking wine as opposed to nectar.  Not big and bold enough to stand up to, say, a roast leg of lamb, but ideal and perfect for BBQ and (as we had it) with simple roast chicken and vegetable salads.


(We drank a 2007, not an 05 as the pic indicates.)


Price: $23.99 at BC Liquor (on sale at $21.99)


Market Liquidity: Easy like Sunday morning.

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